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School of Design

School of Design

MSSU's educational model aims at balancing cultural, artistic and technical teachings. Throughout their training, students are challenged on individual and collective projects .This experiential learning assures students develop professionalism, self development and the culture of team thinking, communication and collaboration.
The programs are developed by an expert team and implemented by more than 250 professional stakeholders . To reach the target level, our students undergo significant workload and a rigorous training.
In order to best support students in their professional integration, MSSU in association with RUBIKA organizes each year "Recruitment Forums" with our partner companies. Through the structured internship arrangements lasting between 4 weeks-6 months, RUBIKA facilitates professional growth and development  . One third of our students are hired in the company after completion of their graduation internships. 90% of RUBIKA students find a job within one year of graduation.

RUBIKA was born from the grouping of three pioneering schools of digital creation: The School of Industrial Design - ISD (1988), Supinfocom (1988) and Supinfogame (2001).
Established by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Grand Hainaut in 1988, these schools have distinguished themselves by setting up a pedagogy closer to the needs of businesses. RUBIKA has 4 campuses operational in Valenciennes (France), Montreal (Canada), Pune (India) and Nairobi (Kenya).
Rubika has been ranked 2nd best International Animation School in the World, 2019 by Animation Career Review and 1st in Video Game in France by Le Figaro since 2015.The School has won more than 150 international awards in Industrial Design. RUBIKA has over 4000 alumni spread over 50+ countries worldwide.
RUBIKA has shaped students to become remarkable professionals in the fields of Animation, Video Game and Design. 


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