Chancellor - MSSU



Shri Ramesh Bais

I am pleased to know that the Maharashtra State Skills University (MSSU) is celebrating its First Foundation Day on 14th April 2024. It is heartening to note that the University is bringing out a five year vision document, a strategic blueprint charting the future course for the MSSU.

As the most youthful nation in the world, India has the opportunity and potential to emerge as the skill capital of the world. Many countries, especially those with an ageing population, are looking up to India to meet their demand for skilled personnel from various sectors. It is heartening to note that the five years Vision Document prepared by MSSU places practical skills and real-world experiences at the forefront of education. Its goal to create a world class institution that not only imparts theoretical knowledge but also emphasizes the practical skills necessary for its graduates to thrive in the global economy is commendable.

I Congratulate MSSU on the joyous occasion of its First Foundation Day and wish the University success in its future endeavors.

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