Faculty Profile - Priya Karemore - MSSU

Faculty Profile – Priya Karemore

Faculty Profile – Priya Karemore

Priya Karemore

Assistant Professor – Contractual


Mrs. Priya Karemore is an accomplished Assistant Professor in the Computer Technology Department at Maharashtra State Skills University. Holding a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering, as well as a Master of Engineering in the same branch, she possesses an extensive academic background and an impressive seventeen years of teaching experience. With a strong command over a wide range of engineering subjects, Mrs. Karemore has consistently demonstrated a passion for fostering a deep understanding of these disciplines among students. She has established strong collaborations with the IT industry, enabling her to implement multiple practical aspects of modern technology and engineering practices in project assignments. Furthermore, Mrs. Karemore has successfully spearheaded various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, enhancing the overall learning experience for students. Her commitment and expertise makes her an invaluable asset to our university community.

School of Science, Engineering and Technology Skills (SSETS)
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