Faculty Profile - Milind Sant - MSSU

Faculty Profile – Milind Sant

Faculty Profile – Milind Sant

Milind Sant

Faculty - German Language


Milind Sant is an experienced educator with nine years of teaching experience. He holds a B.Ed. degree from Mumbai University, which he obtained in 2018. In 2015, Milind completed his M.A. in German from Jawaharlal Nehru University. He also successfully cleared the National Eligibility Test for Assistant Professor in German Language in 2014. Additionally, he completed a one-year full-time intensive diploma in Chinese Language from Delhi University in 2010.
Milind has participated in various teachers’ training programs offered by the Goethe Institut Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai, with durations ranging from 14 days to 2.5 months. These programs have equipped him with valuable skills and strategies to enhance his teaching abilities.
In the field of translation, Milind has undertaken a notable project called “Translating Contemporary German Drama into South Asian Languages.” As part of this project, he has translated six German plays into Marathi, showcasing his proficiency in both languages.
Apart from German and Marathi, Milind possesses knowledge of other languages such as Spanish, French, and Persian. This multilingual proficiency enables him to engage with diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.
Milind Sant’s extensive teaching experience, academic qualifications, translation expertise, and multilingual skills make him a valuable asset in the field of education and language learning.

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