Faculty Profile - Aniruddha Chavan - MSSU

Faculty Profile – Aniruddha Chavan

Faculty Profile – Aniruddha Chavan

Aniruddha Chavan

Assistant Professor
(Construction Management)







Aniruddha Namdevrao Chavan


Professor of Practice/Asst. Prof/Adjunct Prof (Course)

Assistant Professor

 Years of Experience

No of years of experience along with the field of expertise

> 5.5 years

Educational Qualification


M. Tech. in Construction & management,

Noteworthy educational achievements

Highlight noteworthy qualifications such as PhDs or global degrees/certificates etc.

Ph.D. Pursuing

Noteworthy Credentials

Prominent experience credentials of candidate


Accreditation work, University paper setter, Paper evaluator

Key Achievements


Publications in Peer-reviewed journal and book chapters

School of Science, Engineering and Technology Skills (SSETS)
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